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Houston Custom Home Construction

Build on Your Lot with iConstruct’s Custom Home Construction

Embark on the journey of building your dream home with iConStruct's custom home construction service. Led by Sergio Medina, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with precision and care, ensuring that every detail exceeds your expectations.

iConstruct House In Construction Build On Your Lot

Realize the Home You Want with iConstruct’s Houston Custom Home Construction

At iConStruct, we specialize in designing luxury, custom homes that reflect your unique style and preferences, all within your budget. Our process begins with understanding your needs and desires for your one-of-a-kind custom home. Sergio and our team work closely with you to discover what you envision for your new home, ensuring that every aspect of your Houston custom home construction is tailored to your specifications.

iConstruct Architects Building a House

Tell Us Your Houston Custom Home Construction Ideas

Your ideas are the foundation of your custom home, and we want to hear them all. Whether it's the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, one-story or two-story layout, game rooms, media rooms, or outdoor living spaces, we're here to bring your vision to life. Through in-person meetings, phone calls, or our convenient questionnaire, we gather your ideas to kickstart the Houston custom home construction design process.

  • Visit your lot to determine Houston custom home construction preparation costs.
  • Assist with pre-approval for your loan with our preferred lenders.
  • Design a custom sketch of your new home based on your preferences.

Get All the Details of Your Houston Custom Home Construction Right

We understand the importance of staying within budget while incorporating your wishlist into your custom home. Our team meticulously refines the design based on your feedback, ensuring that every detail of your Houston custom home construction aligns with your vision. With iConStruct, you can trust that your custom home will be designed and built to perfection.

  • Revise your custom sketch until it meets your exact specifications.
  • Attend one of our Custom Home Building Seminars to learn more about the process.
  • Receive a comprehensive quote for your custom plan, including lot preparation costs.

Make the Finishing Touches to Your Houston Custom Home Construction

Once the design phase is complete, we guide you through selecting the finishing touches that will truly make your home unique. From interior finishes to exterior details, our team ensures that every aspect of your Houston custom home construction reflects your personal style and preferences.

Let's Get Your Houston Custom Home Construction Started!

With the design finalized and the details in place, it's time to bring your vision to life. Upon signing the contract, our team springs into action, handling surveys, soil reports, Houston custom home construction drawings, interior design selections, engineering, permits, and financing coordination. We ensure that every aspect is meticulously planned before breaking ground on your new custom home.

  • Conduct surveys, soil reports, and finalize construction drawings.
  • Collaborate with our interior designer to select decorator finishes.
  • Obtain necessary approvals and permits from HOAs and authorities.
  • Coordinate financing if required.
  • Conduct a final meeting to review all details before construction begins.

The Construction of Your Dream Houston Custom Home Awaits

At iConStruct, we're deeply committed to transforming your vision of a dream home into a tangible reality. Guided by Sergio's hands-on leadership and our unwavering dedication to excellence, your Houston custom home construction experience promises to be not just smooth and stress-free, but truly exceptional. Everything in the process flows through Sergio, ensuring that he meticulously oversees every aspect of your project, guaranteeing it aligns perfectly with your desires. Reach out today and embark on the journey to creating the home you've always envisioned.